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Diamond Accessories

Lapmaster also offers additional accessories manufactured specifically for Lapmaster diamond systems:  

  • Diamond Slurry Dispensing Unit
    Lapmaster diamond slurry dispensing units are designed for the precise application of diamond slurry and lubricant to the lapping/polishing plate. The microprocessor controls the duration of the spray and the interval between sprays, accurate to within 0.1 of a second. This precise metering of diamond slurry to within 0.2 grams controls costs while maintaining exact surface finish requirements.
  • Stirrer Unit
    The ability to keep an equal dispersion of diamond ensures consistent stock removal and finish at all times. Lapmaster accomplishes this by providing you with a unit capable of accommodating both diamond slurry and lubricant. The diamond slurry mixture is kept in suspension by means of a magnet driven by an electric motor.
  • Dispensing Bars and Spray Nozzles
    Dispensing bars and spray nozzles used in conjunction with the diamond dispensing and stirrer units is yet another way by which to control the precise metering of diamond in order to maintain the exact surface finish required and controlling waste simultaneously. Various lengths between 5” – 20” are available.
  • Hand Lapping/Polishing Kits
    A wide variety of plate materials are also available in a portable hand lapping kit. These kits are ideally suited for low volume applications where optimum surface finishes are required. These kits are perfect in cases when it is not economical to purchase a lapping or polishing machine