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Super Abrasive Wheels and Dressing Stones

Lapmaster Wolters offers a full line of fine grinding super-abrasive wheels and dressing stones for all makes and models of fine grinding and flat honing machines.

Our wheels incorporate the finest quality and extremely close graded diamond, black CBN and amber CBN in conjunction with our specially formulated vitrified and resin bonds. Dressing stones are available to suit all fine grinding wheel formulations and sizes.


CBN Diamond Wheels

Fine Grinding Wheels

  • Faster Material Removal Rates
  • Finer Finishes
  • Better Flatness Control
  • More Consistent Process Control
  • Very Competitive Pricing

Lapmaster Wolters full line of super-abrasive (CBN or Diamond) fine grinding wheels easily adapt to all brands of fine grinding machines and many types of conventional single and double side lapping systems. The fine grinding process produces flat lapping quality on a variety of materials without the expense and “mess” associated with lapping. Fine grinding using Lapmaster supplied fine grinding wheels produces material removal rates are up to 20 times faster than lapping. Our special vitrified and resin bonds combined with our use of the highest quality most closely graded super abrasive powders means consistent quality for all parts ground on Lapmaster supplied fine grinding wheels. Vitrified wheels are supplied with configurations comprised of round, square or hexagonal pellets applied to steel backup wheels. Pellet type wheels are available with spaces (grooves) between the pellets or with the inter-pellet spaces filled to provide a smooth surface. Segmented wheels which appear as a solid grinding surface are also available. Grinding surface pattern, abrasive particle size, bond and thickness of grinding media are all customized for your specific application. Vitrified bonds are the longest lasting and easiest to control for flatness. Our resin bond wheels are provided with a solid segmented grinding surface. This surface can be either serrated or plain depending on the application. Resin wheels are suited for applications where minimal material removal and fine surface finish are required. A variety of wheel diameters are available to suit your single side or double side fine grinding needs. Lapmaster Wolters fine grinding technicians are available to determine wheel specifications best suited for your specific application(s).