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Double-Sided Fine Grinding Machinery

The Lapmaster line of dual side planetary fine grinding machines are specially designed and built to withstand extreme conditions within a production environment while requiring minimal maintenance.   These units are available with fine grinding platens from 20" up to 55" in diameter, and are specially configured for each application.   Depending upon the application, these machines utilize fixed abrasive diamond or CBN suspended in resin, metal, and vitrified bonds to grind a wide range of materials to very tight specifications.

The Lapmaster DSG series of twin wheel grinding machines are driven by three, variable speed motors for maximum process control flexibility.   All three rotating machine components, the sun gear, top plate, and bottom plate, are independently controlled.   Process down pressure requirements are pneumatically regulated and continuously monitored by a load cell.  

The machines are operated through a color graphical interface to a programmable controller.   The custom designed software prompts the operator for specific operating parameters and stores up to 100 different lapping and polishing routines containing up to 4 different process steps which can be recalled for later use.

The work carriers are pin driven for smooth action while processing fragile parts.   Plate and carrier speeds and acceleration are precisely controlled through AC frequency inverters for gentle machine cycle start and end steps.   The outer pin drive drops below the plate for the facilitation of machine loading and unloading.   Full and semi automation control packages for machine loading/unloading is available if required.

The machine is built on a heavy duty, cast and fabricated frame.   Wetted parts and hardware are made from corrosion-resistant materials.   The entire head assembly is supported by a heavy-duty fabricated stanchion and gantry system that is raised and lowered through a series of precision ball screw and linear bearing assemblies.

The exposed rotating parts are enclosed by an OSHA/CE compliant reinforced transparent guard that lifts out of the way for easy access.   Coolant is fed through the top plate by a stand-alone recirculating filtration system capable of removing particulates <1um in diameter (optional).   A separate chiller controls the temperature of both the grinding plates and the coolant during machine operation, guaranteeing thermal stability of the system throughout the process.

A work piece thickness sizing device consisting of an electronic probe and anvil automatically shuts off the machine when the work pieces reach the desired finished thickness.   An additional probe can be added to the machine in order to record actual finished work piece thicknesses after processing, allowing easy collection of process data for SPC purposes.

Fine Grinding Machines 

Standard Features

  • Programmable process controller with color graphical user interface
  • Electro-mechanical top plate pressure control with precise in-process monitoring by load cell
  • In-process grinding plate flattening
  • Digital work piece thickness control system with automatic shut off
  • Three, independently controlled grinding plate and work piece carrier drives
  • Heavy-duty cast iron and fabricated steel machine base
  • Transparent safety guards with machine access from three sides
  • Corrosion-resistant wetted parts and hardware

Standard Tooling

  • Set of plate dressing stones
  • Set of cast iron dressing gears.
  • Starter set of five blank work piece carriers
  • Set of Allen keys
  • Operating and maintenance manual

Available Options

  • Machines to suit electrical supplies
  • Semi-automation and full automation control packages
  • Diamond or CBN fine grinding plates with 3.5mm - 6.0mm plate life
  • Dial type, precision flatness gauge
  • Closed loop coolant recirculation/filtration system complete with temperature control


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