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Bench Top Single Sided

Lapmaster's most popular style of machine, these units are offered with 15" or 20" lapping/polishing plates, are compact enough to fit on a standard workbench, and are extremely cost effective.

Lapping machine

The 15" model features a fabricated steel body. The 20" machine features a heavy-duty welded carbon steel base, and can be equipped with a pneumatic pressure plate system for applications requiring high p.s.i. component loading. All of the Lapmaster bench top machines are of the " ring lapper" configuration. This configuration enables you to achieve high standard of flatness and surface finish on a continuous basis through specific positioning of the conditioning rings.


Standard Features

  • Fabricated steel body ( 15" Model)
  • Heavy duty welded carbon steel base (20" Model)
  • Three conditioning rings with roller yoke and bearing assemblies
  • Conventional abrasive feed system
  • Automatic digital cycle timer
  • Electrical system wired for either 220/240VAC, 50 Hz, 1 phase, (Variable speed drive)
    Or 380/415VAC, 50 Hz, 3 phase
  • High torque drive unit with up to 0.75kW motor and gear reducer
  • Parts loading table (15" and 20" Models)

Standard Tooling

  • High density, cast iron radially serrated lap plate
  • Three high density cast iron serrated conditioning rings
  • Three pressure weights
  • Three work holder discs
  • Three felt pads
  • Operation manual
  • Allen wrench

Available Options

  • Soft-start
  • Electronic variable speed drive
  • Stainless steel wetted parts
  • Diamond slurry dispensing system
  • Polishing media dispensing system
  • Various lapping/polishing plates
  • Non-standard voltages
  • Pneumatic lift pressure plate system with radial adjustment (20" Model)
  • Water cooling (20" Model)
  • Custom machining and tooling
  • Friction-drive roller yokes with variable speed
  • Heavy duty machine cabinet with locking storage bins