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Lapping Machines

Lapmaster's lapping machine systems, when used with conventional abrasive, diamond superabrasive, or polishing media, can remove stock and finish virtually any solid material to your required specifications.

Our machines are engineered to lap surfaces so flat you can measure them in lightbands. . . surfaces so smooth, it is possible to get leak- proof mating without gasketing. Lapmaster Wolters lapping and polishing machines provide the proper balance between rate of stock removal, finishing and flatness.

Lapping MachineWhat sets Lapmaster's lapping machines apart from the competition is our versatility. Every machine is designed specifically for our customer's application. Lapmaster Wolters has no predisposed tendency to promote one specific abrasive technology. The result is the development of the optimum process for the application. Conventional abrasive, diamond superabrasive, or polishing media. . .No matter what the application calls for, you can be sure that Lapmaster Wolters will provide you with the best possible equipment and process to produce optically flat surfaces and extremely fine surface finishes with unfailing uniformity.

Lapping/Polishing successfully: Factors to consider

  • Type of material being processed
  • Speed of plate
  • Pressure on work-piece
  • Plate material
  • Size and type of abrasive
  • Vehicle used
  • Flatness of plate
  • Feed system
  • Method of charging and conditioning the plate
  • Plate temperature