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Spherical Lapping and Polishing Machinery

The Lapmaster 3-Axis Spherical Lapping-Polishing System has been developed to produce very accurate spherical surfaces on a variety of components and materials.

Spherical tolerance accuracy to within 1 micron is obtained on scratch-free, mirror finish high-quality surfaces (applies to both male-female devices).

This system is effective on most materials including ceramic, natural metals and alloyed metals. Applications include:

  • Prosthetic Devices
  • Valve Assemblies
  • Pump Components
  • Bearing Manufacturing

This heavy-duty production system is a floor-standing machine utilizing a Tubular Steel Base for stability & durability. It is arranged for the use of two (2) independent production work stations. Each work station has its’ own controls, so different devices are processed at each station.

The easy-access, well-lit ergonomic design work area utilizes non-corrosive construction for cleanliness.

The stand-alone system is CE compliant and features a pneumatically-assisted see-thru safety/splash guard. The system can be configured for either 115V or 230V electrical service. An operational air service of 60 psi is required.

Spherical Lapping


System Flexibility

As the workstations are completely independent,  two of the same device can be processed in the same way, at the same time…. Or, a 1-male and 1-female device combination…. Or, a lap process on 1 station & a polish process on the opposite station, at the same time.

Space Efficient

As these compact systems are space-efficient… Lapmaster can modify the systems to be modular, so that they can be aligned side-by-side for better optimization of floor space.

Equipment Features

  • Simultaneous and fully  independent operation of the 2 work stations
  • Standard system can process 1”-4” spheres
  • Non-corrosive materials used in the work area
  • Ergonomic, easy-access, well-lit work area
  • Pneumatically-assisted see-thru safety cover
  • –CE compliant system
  • 115V–230V electrical service available
  • Adjustable kinematics for all 3-axis motions, variable speed drive with slow start-stop
  • Pneumatically-assisted pressure reduces processing time, enhances repeatability
  • Compound delivery system included

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